TYPO3 Flip Book: Blätterkataloge aus PDFs generieren

Das TYPO3 Plugin "Flip Book" basiert auf HTML5 und ist responsiv.

TYPO3 Flip Book wurde entwickelt, um Ihnen das unkomplizierte Generieren von Online Blätterkatalogen aus beliebigen PDF Dateien über das TYPO3 Backend zu ermöglichen:

Mit dem Modul für responsive HTML5 Flipping Magazine wandeln Sie Ihre Prospekte, Produktkataloge  oder sonstigen PDF Dateien in benutzerfreundliche Online-Blätterkataloge um. Die Ausgabe erfolgt jeweils optimiert für das abrufende Endgerät. Ob Desktop PC, Tablet oder Smartphone: Der User blättert locker durch Ihre PDF Inhalte.

  • benutzerfreundliche Bedienung auf allen Endgeräten
  • Einfache Handhabung im TYPO3 Backend
  • HTML5 Technologie

TYPO3 Flip Book unterstützt nun auch die TYPO3 Version 9

Flip Book Features

Produkt Features

  • HTML5 Technologie
    Durch HTML5 ist der Blätterkatalog auf allen Endgeräten mit modernen Browsern darstellbar (Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, IE ab Version 11, sowie alle sonstigen HTML5 fähigen Browser)

  • Full Responsive Design
    Flexible und dynamische Darstellung auf allen Endgeräten - optimiert für Desktop, Tablet & Smartphone

  • TYPO3 Plugin
    PlugIn für das CMS TYPO3 zur einfachen Contenterfassung im TYPO3 Backend
  • Volltextsuche
    Möglichkeit im PDF nach Textinhalten zu suchen

  • Mehrsprachigkeit
    Möglichkeit mehrere Sprachvarianten pro PDF zu hinterlegen

  • PDF Download
    Zusätzlich zur Online-Ansicht besteht die Möglichkeit, das hinterlegte PDF herunterzuladen

  • Unlimitierte Nutzung pro Website
    Keine Beschränkung auf die Anzahl der generierten Flipping Books pro Website

  • Einmalige Gebühr
    Keine versteckten Kosten (z.B. durch kostenpflichte Programmkomponenten von Dritten, o.ä.)

Detaillierte Modul Beschreibung (PDF)

Flipping PDF responsiv

Flipping PDF responsiv

Professionelle PDF Darstellung mit nur einem Klick: Online Blätterkataloge direkt im TYPO3 Backend erstellen.


  • TYPO3 ab Version 7.6

Preise PDF Flip Book HTML5

kostenloser Testzugang

Testen Sie das TYPO3 Flip Book in HTML5 kostenlos und überzeugen Sie sich von den Vorteilen und der einfachen Bedienung.

gratis Testaccount anfordern


  • Einzellizenz für eine TYPO3 WebSite
  • unbeschränkte Anzahl an Blätterkatalogen
  • keine weiteren Kosten und Gebühren

EUR 450,- zzgl. Mwst.

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  • Mehrfachlizenz für unterschiedliche TYPO3 WebSites
  • unbeschränkte Anzahl an generierten Flipping Books pro Installation
  • keine weiteren Kosten und Gebühren

EUR 1.980,- zzgl. Mwst.

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Support Optionen

  • Full Service Setup gegen Gebühr
    nach Übermittlung der Zugangsdaten durch den Kunden
  • First Level Support gegen Gebühr

Flip Book Changelog

4.0.0 ~ 2019-03-12 ( TYPO3 Version 9.5 )

 4.0.0 ~ 2019-03-12

* TYPO3 9.5.1 is now required
* Internet Explorer versions older than IE 11 are not supported anymore

* Added settings.flipper.outputScale option to force fixed output scale and ignore auto-detection based on device pixel ratio

Changes (some of them may be breaking - depending on site configuration):
* Configuration of path definitions for bundled CSS and JS files have been split into list and show sections. If you include your own copy of jQuery on your website, you should perhaps disable inclusion of bundled version in list view. See: TypoScript/constants.typoscript
* Dropped plugin.tx_bcpageflip.settings.cssFileOverride setting - just override plugin.tx_bcpageflip.settings.list.cssFile or plugin.tx_bcpageflip.settings.show.cssFile
* All production JavaScript files moved to Resources/Public/JavaScript directory

* By default, all JavaScript assets are served minified
* Text layers are rendered only when search is invoked - this results in better performance of flipbook, especially on mobile devices
* TypoScript files have recommended .typoscript extension
* Modifications of TCA have been moved from ext_tables.php to TCA\Overrides.
* Removed all dead PHP code

* Unnecessary folder typo3temp/tx_bcpageflip is no longer created on install
* Fallback for ancient browsers works again

Libraries updated:
* findAndReplaceDOMText updated to version 0.4.6
* jQuery library updated to version 3.3.1
* PDF.js updated to version 2.0.943

3.0.9 ~ 2018-04-18

3.0.9 ~ 2018-04-18
* Adaption for PHP 7.2 unquoted string causes a warning and will produce an error in PHP 8

3.0.8 ~ 2018-03-14

3.0.8 ~ 2018-03-14
* Bugfix in downloadlink

3.0.7 ~ 2018-03-06

3.0.7 ~ 2018-03-06
* Improvement - images sharpened, recalc canvas on zoom instead of doing it with css

3.0.4 ~ 2017-11-22

3.0.4 ~ 2017-11-22
* Backend Field file no longer mandatory to be able to insert directly from local filesystem (TYPO3 issue)
* in the output-plugin only datasets with valid field file are shown

3.0.3 ~ 2017-11-20

3.0.3 ~ 2017-11-20
* Bugfix for IE11
* Bugfix in calculation of textlayer size, used for text search
* Bugfix in assigning the configurationManager

3.0.2 ~ 2017-11-02 ( TYPO3 Version 7.6 - 8.99.99 )

3.0.2 ~ 2017-11-02
* Flip Book now uses pdf.js for rendering
* No further Server modules required
* Support for TYPO3 6.2 has been dropped, minimum required version is TYPO3 7.6

1.6.7 ~ 2016-01-16 ( TYPO3 Version 6.2 )

  • Tweak: Labels for IT
  • Tweak: Trigger javascript event 'bc-pageflip-initialized' when Pageflip is  loaded

1.6.5 ~ 2015-07-17

  • Tweak: Improved performance of Flipbook status module - especially when opening folder with large number of books
  • Tweak: Added conversion time column to Flipbook status module
  • Fix: Books that are hidden can now be reset from Flipbook status module
  • Fix: Error during inverted index creation does not make the whole conversion process failed
  • Fix: Reset action now works when conversion only by scheduler task is required
  • Fix: Reset function in flipbook status view always converted default languagerecord instead of localized one

1.6.2 ~ 2015-05-22

  • Several minor fixes

1.6.0 ~ 2015-04-30

  • Feature: Fulltext search available for documents with text layer (requires PHP CLI SAPI enabled on the server)
  • Tweak: Option to decompose ligatures with pdf2hmltEX (turned on by default)
  • Tweak: Flipbook viewer debug mode can be activated via TypoScript setting
  • Tweak: UI buttons are implemented with <button> instead of <a>nchors
  • Tweak: Major improvements of UIX for keyboard users:
    (1) button is focused when related keyboard shortcut is used
    (2) outline is displayed on buttons and in-page links if keyboard is used for
    (3) all clickable elements can receive focus (including thumbnails)
  • Several other minor UI improvements and fixes

1.5.5 ~ 2015-03-23

  • Tweak: Make log information dialog in Flipbook Status module available with any conversion status
  • Tweak: Reset action in Flipbook Status module now triggers full re-conversion
  • Fix: Edit links in Flipbook Status module work again
  • Fix: Do not hide text elements, if their font family is not recognized by pdf2hmltEX (this is the default behaviour of pdf2hmltEX for some reason), rather let the browser render the text in default (sans-serif) font.
  • Small fixes in PDF handler and book controller code

1.5.1 ~ 2015-02-23

  • Tweak: Better handling of external links (do not trigger zoom in action, always open in new window)
  • Fix: Properly disable download of the PDF file in all controller actions

1.5.0 ~ 2015-02-23

  • Feature: Disable download link checkbox
  • Feature: Disable download and/or view links globally (via TS configuration)
  • Extension state has been set to stable

1.4.4 ~ 2015-02-16

  • Bugfix: internal links work again
  • Improvement: in mouse mode, signalize with different cursor icons that document can be zoomed in, dragged and is currently being dragged

1.4.1 ~ 2014-10-20

  • Many refactorings and cleanups of the backend module
  • Added possibility to reset an already converted book in the backend module
  • If the static TypoScript is missing show a warning message (both in list view and in the status backend module)
  • If the extension configuration is not saved a default fallback is used for the sorting column
  • Added checkbox to the extension configuration in order to make all files depend on the modification date of the diretory. This avoids the problem of not updated files in the browser, if an older version is already in cache.
  • This feature requires extra .htaccess rules to work, rules can be found in _.htaccess file